... it wasn't much of a roar, really.


Read About the Least Beast 

Yes, translated from the ancient writings of great beasts, these stories are absolutely true!


Part 1: The Least Beast Saves the Beast Feast

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Bryon lives where there are great beasts and, maybe, a dark witch. What chance does a boy have in a place like this!

Grades 3 - 6, PG rating



Part 2: Daye Grey and the Gray Day

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Unwittingly, Bryon has unleashed a dark power that can destroy all kingdoms of the earth. It looks like the world is done for until two ancient shadow witches learn what Bryon has done. The shadow witches spring into action, dragging Bryon with them. Part 2 is more intense and a bit more challenging to read.

Grades 4 - 7, PG rating


Part 2 can be read without reading Part 1. To read the Part 1 Synopsis, go here.


Comments about the Least Beast Part 1 & 2 ...

Crazy awesome - Deangelo

I loved reading about Bryon and the beasts ... thanks - Dan

I want to read Part 3 now - Asa




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Hey, you can become a beast expert - a beastologist! You can even print out a certificate. To learn more, go here...

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What is a least beast ...?

Long ago, a boy named Bryon lived among the great beasts. Small in size, and without claws or fangs, he was considered to be the least of all the beasts.Bryon and Beast 4

Bryon not only lived with the beasts, he went to school with them. There he learned to read and write like a beast.

The great beasts wrote about Bryon and many other things. Not only can you read about Bryon's adventures, but you too can learn to write like a beast.

Learn more about Bryon and the beasts here ...

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